A 501c3 non-profit caT rescue in Yakima, WA

Underground Community Cat Rescue

Community cats didn’t choose this life. It’s a difficult & dangerous life. They simply don’t have anyone to care for them. Yet.

Thanks to your donation, their time & a new life is coming!

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About Us

Transforming Community Cats’ Lives

“Community Cats” that live on the streets of Yakima have to fend for themselves, often suffering and in pain. These cats are viewed with disdain, but they didn’t ask for this life.

We return them to health, and those that can be socialized enter the program to begin the journey to a new life. Our work ends when they’re ready for adoption. It also helps end the cycle of endless litters of homeless kittens.


Your much needed donation buys one or more cats a brand-new life! Full food dishes, loving families, and the security they deserve. Please consider a donation today! We can only help as many cats as we have funding to accomplish. We’ll provide the volunteer work, if you help provide the financial assistance. Veterinary care is our biggest expense.

We have no paid employees or administrators.

How you can help

Volunteers Needed For:

Transport drivers

Our weekly transports welcome new drivers. Drivers are contacted when a transport will be needed. If you’re available, you accept the job and take your own vehicle from Yakima to a rescue destination in Western WA. We pay for gas.


We provide the proper food, medicine and supplies needed and fosters supply the love. This is a time for the cats to adjust and begin to feel safe.


Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Fill out our adoption form and we’ll put you on the list to bring a new cat into your home.


Help us save the stray unwanted cats and kittens in the Yakima Valley. 

100% of the donations help fund medical care, food and supplies with our major costs going towards veterinary expenses. 

Your donation is tax deductible.


If you’d like to send us items from our wishlist, please click the button below.

Thank you!

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